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My Inspiration

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I feel that it is important to describe how my blog was inspired with my meeting with spiritual teacher Don Miguel Ruiz. This amazing man’s most famous book is The Four Agreements (which is described in this book section of the blog). I decided to read his enlightening book as I traveled to The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) conference in California which I attended this July. IONS studies consciousness and spirituality and their convergence with science. I have been interested in their work for many years now. This conference brought together some amazing speakers including Don Miguel.

I was part of a group of about 50 people under 40 years old who had attended the conference under a group called The Next Generation. All week we talked about how we were going to take action and spread the messages of consciousness and IONS as we are all excited about the study of consciousness as a growing field. I personally was both excited and confused about how I could take action and help spread the message. I was also unsure about if I was even ready to help spread it since I have kept what I have experienced to myself for so long.

On the last day of the conference, after Don Miguel’s talk, I passed him in the lobby and had an impulse to speak to him. People were taking pictures with him and and asking him complicated questions about his book. When it was finally my turn he simply looked into my eyes and then hugged me.

I had not planned anything to talk to him about but somehow words came out. I said “Thank you. I’m Ready.” I don’t know where these words came from but I knew that I truly meant them. He looked back into my watering eyes and said “Yes you are. Keep smiling”. We hugged, I walked away, and my life was changed. I knew I was now ready for anything. I was ready to spread the message. I knew this not because he told me I was ready but because in his presence I spoke those words from my heart and at that moment I knew they were true.


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  1. This is incredible Chrissy! I’m currently reading this book too and I am glad to see that it has had such an impact on you. And its so awesome you go to meet and interact with Mr. Ruiz =)

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