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A Reminder To Wake Up


So I am headed to school right now and I’ve had a pretty turbulent morning that has highlighted a few things that I need to be aware of and work on this new year. I feel like I am growing and sometimes I get a little caught up and think that I am unstoppable. However, life doesn’t allow you to get away with that. Life isn’t just going to back off and let you run on ahead without all the necessary tools. We receive those necessary tools from life in the form of lessons realized after moments of inconvenience and struggle that are put there to help us wake up and see where we need to work.

This morning I woke up at 4 am for my 5:15 am train ride to soccer preseason believing that I was all packed and ready to go. I had not however, done the necessary things I needed to do to get out of the house on time… I had not printed my ticket, taken clothes out of the laundry, or switched my broken phone with my dad’s which I knew would take me some time. So, needless to say, I had not taken care of some pretty big things before I left.

So of course, because I had left these tasks until 4 am on the morning I was leaving, I was obviously extremely stressed and had stressed out my parents in the process. The printer was jammed so my ticket wouldn’t print, I had to completely switch phones with my dad, and we were already 15 minutes late getting out the door to catch a train that I would probably now miss. I was yelling, they were telling me what I should have taken care of yesterday, and my last view of my house was not a happy one.

After a summer of enormous growth and personal transformation, I had reverted back into my stressed, anxious, and immature state that I have never been proud of. I was very sad to see that side come back to life and see the terrible effects it had on the situation.

It was a wake up call from life to wake up. I felt the universe saying, “You won’t get away that easily. You thought you grew this summer? Well let’s see how you deal with this!”. It clearly and harshly showed me what I need to work on.

Thankfully, I made the train and thankfully, I have a working phone again. Now I sit here, with those troubles behind me and simply the memory of the situation. I am setting the intention to learn from my faults this morning and become an individual, prepare fully, relax, and trust.

Maybe we need these wake up calls sometimes before big transitions like going to college. Maybe they just show us where we are stuck and how we can grow. Life may give harsh reminders but it also allows for moments of clarity so that we can realize our faults and evolve.

I am so incredibly far from perfect and I know I will be receiving many more reminders. My intention is to try to smile through these moments and learn my lessons because sometimes we just have to laugh at what life throws at us.

I hope you enjoy learning from your wake up calls!

I will try to as well!


5 thoughts on “A Reminder To Wake Up

  1. Chrissy this is so well said and such fun to read as it is a universal scene, played out all across the country at this time of year. Good for you for expressing your feelings. Now you are too hard on yourself these were NOT such big things when viewed from the larger perspective. Have a great year and maybe we see you in New Haven sometime 🙂

  2. You are so wise for your years…..and an excellent writer

  3. Way to go Chrissy….so true, too! I have wake up calls almost every day…sending hugs to you and the girls at preseason! xo

  4. thanks for the reminder! loved reading this post (and learned from it!)

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