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Energy Designing

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Hello again!

I took some time off from writing in order to transition into my new life as a sophomore at Yale. Its been both uncomfortable and comfortable; boring and exciting. I set the intention when I started this blog to post every week but I have decided to wait until I am called to write instead of forcing myself to.

Today I am called to write because of a show I just watched. Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday is by far my favorite show because she interviews people who are incredibly inspiring and I ALWAYS learn something from each episode no matter who is speaking. I HIGHLY recommend this show!

So today I watched Oprah’s interview with Nate Berkus who is a well-known interior designer who lost his partner in the terrible Tsunmai in 2004. After having the love of his life get torn away from him as they were swept away by the water and debris, everything in Nate’s life changed and he started listening to himself more deeply. One of the main points that I got from watching this show was that the space we live in should reflect who we are. Because Nate is able to see more clearly now, he tells us to ask ourselves if the space we design for ourselves is true to our being.

Moving into a new dorm has been exciting but also challenging because to create a space that reflects who you are takes a lot of inner listening. I agree with Nate that the design of a room can completely change the energy of the space. I have tried to make my new dorm a space of clean and happy energy so that it can help support that same energy in me.

Things don’t have to be important but they have the ability to represent larger ideas, energies, and emotions. We do not have to have a lot in order to create the energy we wish the space to hold. Nate Berkus advised that when we buy or acquire new items we need to take a moment and evaluate if they are going to help reflect who we are. If not, they are just another item to add to our materialist lives and clutter our energy.

Just something to think about 🙂



One thought on “Energy Designing

  1. You are such an inspiration Chrissy! LOVE

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