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Giving is the Best Communication


I don’t think that we ever realize how easy giving can be. I certainly miss many moments in which I could give and I don’t because I am not living in that present moment. This morning I watched a powerful short video that had a huge impact on me. We never know when a small act for someone could amount to something greater. As I thought about the message of this video, I tried thinking of instances in my life in which I could give even a small part of myself to make someone’s day a little better.

Within only a few minutes I had come up with many small ways of giving. We don’t need to give huge sums of money to charities or help homeless people to change the world. Yes, these are amazing acts but small steps are important too. I think that if each of us made the intention to try to make a few peoples’ days just a little bit better, the world would be a happier place.

Smile, open the door for someone, give a compliment, have a meaningful conversation with someone, sincerely ask someone a question and deeply listen to their response, call an old friend. It is easy and it takes only a little of yourself to do it but it is still giving. It just means that you have to make the small decision to put yourself out there. Let’s see if we can treat each other a little better and show some compassion just like the man did in this video.

And what do we get in return? A smile, a thank you, a friend, and in the case of this video for me, a couple of happy tears.

Have a great day of giving!


2 thoughts on “Giving is the Best Communication

  1. oh this is beautiful-I was sobbing from this video–thank you for sharing your insightful words!

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