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“Be bold, be brave, be beautiful”


“Be bold, be free, be beautiful. Believe, be love, be true to you.” ~ David Newman

How amazing would it be to live by these words? To be bold, free, and true to you. To truly believe you are beautiful. To be love. I think that it would be pretty fantastic.

Imagine singing these words over and over, as I was asked to do this afternoon, each time having the message sink in a little bit more. Maybe read the lyrics a couple of times. See what I mean? They are powerful.

As I sang these words over and over with a group of people after an inspiring yoga class to the live music of David Newman, these words had a powerful effect on me. My eyes started to water as the words sunk in. I thought, “how wonderful would my life be if I could truly embody this message?”. If I could let go of fear and be bold. If I could let go of attachment to things and be free. If I could let go of self-judgment and feel beautiful.

Reading these words should not make us feel bad about ourselves if we feel like we aren’t living these words completely. We are not doing anything wrong. However, maybe keeping these words in mind may help us to let go. To fall in love with life. To be at peace.

Thank you to a wonderful class from Erica Bleznak and David Newman at Verge Yoga!


3 thoughts on ““Be bold, be brave, be beautiful”

  1. I cried reading this- it is just beautiful- the feeling of oneness as everyone chanted these words was palpable -thank you for this beautiful sharing from your heart

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