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Mindful Chocolate


I have concluded that February has a certain power over us. If you live in the northeast as I do, there is the constant threat of unexpected snow and foggy days. And if you are in college as I am, there is the constant flow of midterms and papers and applications. Lately, I have felt sucked up by the month of February.

But as I reflect on the month’s events I realize that this is not how it has to be. I don’t have to return to my room after a fully packed day and watch an episode on netflix, eat some chocolate, and go to bed feeling regretful for the choices of TV and sweets that I just made. I don’t have to make rash decisions about how I spend my time and my energy. Getting sucked up by the month of February means making mindless choices; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If I take a pause before eating that next piece of chocolate or if I take a breath before clicking “next episode” at 1am when I should be sleeping, maybe February won’t have the hold it does over me now. There is nothing wrong with those decisions but the state in which I make them. They are simply mindless.

So my intention is to pause, take a breath, and assess “Is this going to help me? Is this what I really want right now?” If the answer is yes, that mindful piece of chocolate will taste wonderful and I will be happy after eating it. However, if it is no, I will have just saved myself from that feeling of regret.

Try taking a breath before acting as we finish out this chilly month. Maybe you will find yourself feeling happier and cleaner, enjoying your piece of chocolate mindfully.

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