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A Christmas Light Connection


We are a string of Christmas lights. All connected by the same wire that gives us the energy to shine our light. There is one plug at the end of our string; one source of energy. That plug is connected to a wire that provides the same amount of energy to each and every bulb on the string. Even if there is another string of lights, maybe even a different color, connected to a different outlet in the room, it is still receiving its energy from the same place. What is providing energy to those lights is the same that is providing energy to our string.

We all feel it when one of the lights goes out. All of the lights around that light feel the change in energy of that bulb. Sometimes the string of lights will stop working until that light has been fixed.

We shine bright. We light up the room, the house, the Christmas tree. We sparkle, but not more than any other. We would be nothing without each other, we need the string of energy that connects us. We shine bright when together.

Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the presence of the energy that connects us.